Cybersecurity Workforce Development Strategist

Program Overview

USDA is keen to retain and build a cadre of world-class, diverse cybersecurity professionals. The contractor shall assess, support and coordinate the Cybersecurity Workforce initiative across the USDA enterprise in alignment with the Department's broader Cyber Workforce Program.  The program must adhere to the following government guidelines and directives, to include:

  • Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Assessment Act
  • Office of Personnel and Management Directives and Guidance
  • National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)
  • USDA Cyber Workforce Education and Training Directives and Guidance

Cybersecurity Workforce Education and Training and Human Capital support includes:

  • Direct support of ISC as well as the broader USDA Cyber Workforce goals under the USDA Cyber Workforce Program Manager
  • Support and attend key USDA, DHS & Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Cyber Workforce Meetings
  • Provide expertise, direct services, assistance, and guidance to ISC and USDA agencies on specific Cybersecurity Workforce requirements
  • Have demonstrable Federal Human Resource experience. Experience in re-organization and change management particularly beneficial in support of OCIO IT Modernization and Consolidation efforts
  • Experience in development of Human Resource 1010 and CRIA packages in support of OCIO IT Modernization and Consolidation efforts.
  • Assess current level of maturity of ISC cybersecurity workforce planning measures
  • Determine gaps and opportunities for recruitment, retention, and optimization of the cybersecurity workforce
  • Identify mission priority cybersecurity personnel needs, risks, and constraints for an optimal high performing cybersecurity
  • Identify Federal civilian positions that require the performance of information technology, cybersecurity, or other cyber-related functions
  • Review coding of Federal civilian positions based on roles in the NICE Cybersecurity Coding guidance and Workforce Framework to ensure accuracy.
  • Coordinate with appropriate personnel to document codes in Federal civilian position descriptions
  • Develop and train personnel on the Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Assessment Act, NICE Cybersecurity Coding and Workforce Framework, OPM guidance, and USDA Policy and Processes
  • Identify workforce education and training needs and gaps to include new and innovative technologies
  • Develop roadmaps and plans of actions to address needs and fill gaps. Develop training plans for reorganized resources which require re-training.
  • Develop cybersecurity career paths, badging, and credentialing programs
  • Optimize rotational assignment opportunities to broaden talent and gain experience
  • Foster opportunities for employees to obtain new skills and become subject matter experts in their field
  • Coordinate implementation of a cybersecurity orientation program for new cybersecurity professionals
  • Improve information sharing and employees' knowledge of upcoming developmental and training opportunities
  • Leverage best practices, subject matter experts, and tabletop exercises to provide real-time training and learning events on an ongoing basis
  • Assess, strengthen and/or develop, and fully implement innovative policy and processes for a cybersecurity workforce education and training program
  • Research, develop and publish a Human Capital Strategy in support of Security Operations and ISCM

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