IT Training Co-ordinator - Cybersecurity

Program Overview

  • Training Co-ordinator shall support, coordinate and manage USDA Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM) CDM Education and Training across the USDA enterprise. This position shall serve as the ISCM CDM PMO Training Coordinator and coordinate all DHS and ISCM CDM unique education and training Planning experience in Washington DC area. 

ISCM CDM Program Education and Training support includes:

  • Direct support of the USDA ISCM CDM Program Manager
  • Training Co-ordinator is required to perform planning, coordinating and scheduling of ISCM CDM education and training for OCIO and USDA agencies' security and IT staff. The Training Co-ordinator shall design and deliver ad hoc refresher, ISCM and CDM 101 and/or major upgrade training (brown bag and/or webinars) for USDA agencies' security and IT staff
  • Coordinate all ISCM CDM training, as applicable, with DHS and GSA CDM DEFEND Prime Contractor, BAH, and CDM solution vendors
  • Coordinate logistics for ISCM CDM education and training, e.g. if on-site - facilities
  • Publish USDA ISCM CDM PMO Training Advisories – both for external DHS provided CDM training and internal unique to USDA ISCM CDM training
  • Coordinate with ISC AgLearn lead to register USDA personnel taking on site ISCM CDM courses
  • Continually update the ISCM CDM and Cybersecurity Workforce Education and Training activities and status on SharePoint. Post all relevant documentation in the ISCM CDM SharePoint data repository

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