Applications/Database Programmer

Program Overview

  • USDA has deployed several CDM tools that produce a significant amount of data that is valuable to the USDA’s Security Operations Center (SOC) to enhance security monitoring capabilities. The CDM produced data needs to be consolidated into the ASOD Security Data Warehouse (SDW). The programmer should have excellent coding skills especially with demonstrated ability to import and parse data, transform data, and present data to users in a user friendly format  

    The individual would be responsible for:
  • Design, implement, and maintain a solution to feed cybersecurity and CDM produced data into the ASOD SDW
  • Ensure the cybersecurity and CDM data arrives into Kafka and that parsers exist to appropriately integrate the CDM data
  • Troubleshoot and maintain systems including tasks involving memory management, process management, performance tuning and system monitoring
  • Monitor the health of the equipment
  • Ensure systems are patched when vendor releases new patches using management system
  • Document changes to configuration, operating processes, C&A documentation, Contingency Plan and architectural documentation of ISC
  • Monitor system for configuration changes
  • Manage system configurations through the centralized management system
  • Create and maintain rudimentary scripts to automate system management in bash, Perl, python and ruby.
  • Ensure adherence to ISC Change Management process and procedures
  • Respond to information requests by ISC management
  • Forward documented customer requests to appropriate technical staff
  • Attend meetings at the request of ISC and take notes as requested
  • Notify ISC Management and customers of unscheduled production outages
  • Check for trouble tickets on issues involving system
  • On an as needed basis provide technical input to Audit findings and POA&Ms
  • Provide recovery support, setup and administration (remote and on-site as needed). This may require work outside of normal business hours where standard schedule will be adjusted to accommodate these changes
  • Provide training to Agency customers on the use of the system
  • Provide input to the strategic and tactical planning process upon request
  • Proactively recommend changes and/or enhancements to ISC security applications to provide better efficiency, productivity, stability, and/or cost savings within the larger scope of each project’s design requirements

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